"We had a most cordial, unforgettable experience. His Holiness, he was most gracious and warm and welcoming," said President Nelson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He continued, "What a sweet, wonderful man he is, and how fortunate the Catholic people are to have such a gracious, concerned, loving and capable leader." A good example of interfaith dialogue and respect. For more information click here

Intercultural Formation Center

Photo by Marcel Rothmund
Photo by Marcel Rothmund

 In August 2018 we went to Kainuk to meet some religious as well as politcal stakeholders. Now the project plan is being elaborated and designed until February 2019. Furhter, we work closely with Kerio Emase (center right) and funded him a CAS in project management. He is an important key person in this project and a link between the C.E.S, the local community, religious and political leaders. Previousy he worked as a Program Officer for Caritas Lodwar.

FERW and Al Jazeera Press Conference on the World Cup 2022

Primavera de Paz has recently been invited to a press conference orginazed by FERW (FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch). The press conference was hosted by Al Jazeera. The C.E.S was invited as well to give a short speech on political responsibilty for the up coming mega event in 2022 in Qatar. Fathers and migrant workers must be able to be with their families and it is a political responsibility to support migrant fathers and mothers to be with their families.

In addition to this, the World Cup 2022 has caused tensions in the Gulf region. In the press conference we also stated that reputation and soft power are a global currency and the extent to which they are at a country's disposal depends on its sustainable social and ecological policies.

Scientific Contribution

Together with Eccoscience Switzerland we are researching the influence of religion in the finance sector as a following project to the last paper "Islamic Finance and its Responsibility in the Education Sector". The research design is finished and we are ready to conduct the interviews according to the Grounded Theory Approach. We intend to find out to what extent religious values can have a positive effect towards responsibility and thus sustainability.